We ensure that all our projects meet the necessary guidelines for the structural stability of the building and are subjected to many quality tests, starting from selection of the site, architects, consultants, vendors, material procurement followed by structural design to meet the quality guidelines set forth by the prevailing norms and codes of the country.

The process followed by Truth Speaker

·         Selection of the site

In real estate development, location is an important criteria where we go an extra mile in choosing a right site which will fulfil the requisites for development of a green project.

·         Soil Investigation

·         Soil investigation is carried out right after the project concept is finalized with no. of floors and the building footprint

·         Soil investigation is conducted by reputed agencies after conducting pre qualification analysis

·         The no. of bores for soil testing is marked by the structural consultant

·         We ensure that the max no. of bores is marked within the foot print of the building

Structural Design

Once the soil investigation report is given by the soil testing agencies, the structural consultant will study the soil bearing capacity to decide on the design of the structure. Pre-qualification analysis is done for the structural consultants before appointing them.

Scope of work

·         Structural design of entire apartment complex with appropriate foundation system as envisaged by Geotechnical consultants

·         To assist in Geotechnical investigation in terms of technical guidance

·         To prepare alternative structural system / suggest alternative light weight blocks to be cost effective and efficient

·         Design of services structures such as Underground Sump / Sewage Treatment Plant / Cable Trenches / Storm Water Drains, Compound Wall etc.

·         Design and detailing for landscape related structures such as water bodies / cascades etc.

·         Infrastructural related works such as roads, culverts, pavers / dg foundations etc

·         Submission of bill of quantity / tender bill of quantities / steel bill of quantity for structural related works

·         To recommend suitable mix designs

·         Site visits at least once in a fortnight or as per requirements


We ensure a comprehensive selection process of contractor for execution. The selection process involves various criteria and credentials that is taken into account.


·         Vendors will be identified based on the scope of work / service finalized. Project architects, pmc and technical team suggest vendors for the work

·         Upon internal discussions, final short-listing of vendors is done

·         A pre-qualification process is followed

·         An evaluation criteria will be modified to suit the package / project and the type of services availed. A sign off / approval is done to commence the vendor registration / pre-qualification process

·         Team will notify when the pre- qualified vendors are short–listed

·         Tenders will be floated to the pre-qualified vendors only

Tender documentation:

·         The pre-qualified vendors need to provide a summary description of quality assurance / quality control programme to be implemented in the performance of work

Evaluation and award of work:

·         Technical evaluation is done by the project architects and the bidders are rated in terms of technical expertise and their preference to perform

·         On the basis of outcome of technical & commercial evaluation, job order is awarded to the contractor

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We prepare a project specific quality control plan and follow to assure the quality of work executed by the contractor. This will be done through a project management consultancy (pmc) appointed by us or directly by Truth Speaker

Quality is assured through the following process:

·         Preparation of quality management plan includes quality control plan, material testing plan, qp adherence and audit report etc.

·         Checklist for all activities are approved by the quality control team before proceeding

·         QA / QC observation & surveillance is done and site observation & conformance report is made

·         If non-conformance of work is noted, a stop work notification is given till the non-conformance is rectified

·         Report is made on corrective and preventive actions taken on the non- conformance

·         Project quality report and regional quality reports are prepared

·         Periodical monitoring of calibration of testing equipment and validation of measuring aids are done for contractors test equipment

·         A trial mix is done to ensure strength of the mix design proposed by the consultant / contractor before proceeding for production

·         Laboratory test is done for the concrete and other building materials to ensure the right quality

·         Periodical internal audits are conducted to ensure that quality is maintained

·         Integrated management systems audit & reporting is another external check for the quality

·         Categorization of defects based on internal Non-Conformance Report and Site Observation & Surveillance Report and ISO 9001 defects is made and reviewed by the top management for action

·         Periodical visit of senior management ensures quality adherence

·         Handing Over

We ensure the following documents are given to the customers / association at the time of handing over the project.

o    Soil investigation report

o    Water test report

o    Stability certificate

o    Completion certificate from competent authority

·   As built drawings – architectural / structural / plumbing / electrical etc.